Volumes I, II and III
Woodturning Videos and e-Books
Super Deluxe Combo Pack
by Steven D. Russell

Get a complete set of woodturning videos and e-Books, including Volumes I, II and III. It's the next best thing to taking a private instruction class! You can view the books on your computer monitor or print individual pages, chapters or both books with your computer printer.

The e-Books are compatible with Mac and Windows. The DVD's are standard NTSC videos which work in all DVD players in North America. For our international customers, we ship "region free" DVD's that will work in any country.


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Topics Covered in the Woodturning Videos
and e-Books Super Deluxe Combo

Bowl Turning DVD Videos Contents

Green Bowl Turning:
- Chainsawing rough log
- Cutting blank to round
- Lathe mounting options
- Turning roughout profile
- Shear scraping techniques
- Hollowing interior
- Centre saving interior
- Drying options
- Determining proper lathe speeds
- “Rules for roughouts”
- Safety tips

Finish Turning Dry Bowl:
- Mounting options for dried bowl
- Truing up and rough turning exterior
- Finish turning exterior
- Adding decorative design elements
- Finish turning interior
- Proper shear scraping techniques
- Power sanding protocol
- Completing the foot
- Finishing options
- Design and form review
- Jig sharpening techniques

Plus many more tips and tricks for success!

Pen Turning DVD Video Contents

- Pen Blank Selection & Preparation
- Drilling, Gluing and Milling
- Lathe Mounting Options
- Turning the Pen Body
- Sanding Protocol
- Finishing and Deluxing Protocols
- Component Assembly
- Tool Selection & Sharpening
- Bonus Pen Turning Tips
- Bandsaw Blade Resharpening
- Working with Stabilized Blanks
- Safety Equipment
- Proper Tensioning of the Mandrel Assembly

Topics Covered in the Woodturning Videos
and e-Books Super Deluxe Combo Continued

Volume I and II CD-ROM ebooks Contents

Product Tests:
- Woodturning Finishes - Waxes
- Woodturning Finishes - Oil Finishes

- Turning Inlaid Wine Bottle Stoppers
- Turning Platters with Inlaid Rims
- Turning European Style Writing Pens
- Turning Letter Openers and Magnifiers
- Small Decorative Inlay Projects
- Turning Mini-Kaleidoscopes
- Turning Fragrance Pens
- Turning Galileo Thermometer Stands
- Dust Off – Turning Feather Dusters
- Turning Spring-Loaded Key Rings
- Turning Weed (Flower Vase) Pots
- Turning Flower “Frogs”

- Choosing Chemical Resistant Gloves
- Safety in the Workshop – Solvents

- How to Use and Apply Oil Finishes
- How to Use Burning Wires
- Easy Bandsaw Blade Resharpening

Technical Articles:
- Choosing Turning Tools for New Woodturners
- Tips For Better Boiling
- Paper Bag Drying of Green Wood Roughouts
- Air Drying Green Wood with Wax Emulsions
- Super Glues – Uses and Limitations
- Using Waxes – Tips and Tricks
- Basic Set-up of Dry Grinders for Sharpening

- Processing Logs for Bowl and Platter Blanks
- Reducing Drying Defects by Boiling – Parts 1 and 2
- Using the McNaughton Bowl Centre Saver
- CA Finishes for Writing Pens - Tips and Tricks
- Elegant Crushed Stone Inlays
- Fluid Texturing with Arbortech Carvers
- Using Kelton Hollowers/Shear Scrapers
- Shear Scraping – Tips and Tricks
- Buffing Your Work – Tips and Tricks

Shop Tips and Miscellaneous:
- Sharpening Bandsaw Blades
- How to Find Free or Very Low Cost Wood
- Wax Emulsion Sealers in the Workshop
- Two Indispensable Tools for Woodturners – A Bandsaw and a Chainsaw
- Organizing Small Components, Tools and Abrasives for Efficiency
- Build a Bulldog Rolling Cart for Blank Processing and General Studio Use

Volumes I, II and III woodturning videos and e-Books Super Deluxe Combo is one of our special discount combination packages. To view other combo packs, go to the Combo Savings page. Additional woodturning videos and ebooks will be available soon, so check back often!

Steven D. Russell is a professional studio woodturner, teacher and writer. He has written numerous articles for international woodturning magazines, which have been published in more than 78 countries around the world. Steve has demonstrated in numerous cities across the United States. His studio, Eurowood Werks, specializes in bowls, platters and hollow forms with unique visual and tactile treatments.

Steve has also been a regular featured writer for the Guild of Master Craftsman's "Woodturning" magazine, published in London England. Woodturning magazine is the world's leading magazine for woodturners. Look for his articles covering technical topics, or project based articles.

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