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Woodturning Educational Articles - Main Library

Woodturning Education Articles Main Library

Abrasive Reference Chart for CAMI, FEPA, JIS, Diamond and Cubic Boron Nitride abrasives.

Adding a Lathe Crane to Your Woodturning Studio

Air Compressor Upgrade Ideas
for Woodturners

Bandsaw Blade Resharpening

Basic Procedures for Turning Green Wood Bowls

Boiling Green Wood to Reduce Drying Degrade

Building Your Brand Image

Burning Wood Projects With Handheld Torches

Buffing Compounds

Common Bevel Angles for Woodturning Tools

Creating High Gloss Finishes on Plastic and Stabilized Pen Blanks

Creating Unique Decorative Surfaces

Cyanoacrylates, a.k.a. Super Glues: A Technical Discussion

Diamond Dressers and Honing Tools

Double Bevels on Turning Tools

Dust Collection Tips

Dust Collector Cleaning Tips

"Fluid Texturing" with the Arbortech Mini-Grinder

Green Wood Checks - Whilst Turning

Hollowing Tools: An Introduction

Honing Tools for Woodturners

How to Find Very Low Cost or Free Wood

How to Use the Kelton Center Saver System

Hunter Hollowing Tools
Hunter Swan Neck Tools

Improving Jumbo Jaws

Introduction to Power Carving Tools

Lacquer Finish Shortcut

Learning to be a Fluid Turner

Low Cost Spray Finishing Options

Mastering The Pull Cut

Methods of Air Drying Wood with Endgrain Sealers

Oil Finish Roundup

Orange Peel Eliminator for Lacquer Finishes

Paper Bag Drying of Green Wood Lathe Projects

Pen Turning with Alternative Materials

Plexitone Finish

Plexitone Pen Finish Application Protocol

Power Sanding Mandrels

Raising the Grain

Recycled Dust Filter Mounting and Final Upgrades

Reducing Checking in Green Wood with Wax Emulsion Sealers

Selecting Turning Tools and Sharpening

Sharpening Micro Turning Tools

Tips for Better Boiling

European Style Writing Pens

Turning Small Projects: Inlaid Letter Opener and Magnifier

Turning Spring-Loaded Key Rings

Turning Wine Bottle Stoppers with Cabochon Stone Inlays

Using Airbrushes For Tone Spray Effects

Using Diamond Abrasives to Sand Crushed Stone Inlays

Using Interface Pads When Power Sanding

Wax Finish Roundup

UV Resistant Finishes - Can You Make Your Own?

Woodturning Tips Library

Woodturning Tips Library

Air Compressor Tips

Art and Craft Shows: Tips for Success

Ball Bearing Live Centres

Bandsaw Tips

Buffing Epoxy Finishes

Cabochon Stone Buying Tips

Central Station Dust Collector Upgrade

Chainsaw Repair Tips

Chainsaw Tips: Getting the Most from Your Saw

Cordless Drill Batteries

Cryogenically Treated Turning Tools

Dealing with Torn Grain and Tear Out

DIY Mobile Bases for Equipment

Drilling Accurate Holes

Dry Grinder Wheel Maintenance

Drying Green Wood Roughouts in Paper Bags with Forced Air

Easy Wood Tools

Enhanced and Blended Finishes…
Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?

Faceplates: Choosing the Right Type

Finding Artistic Inspiration for Woodturnings

How to Apply End Grain Sealers for Success

Lathe Drapes Make Your Life Easier!

Lathe Tips Mastering Shear Scrapers

Long-Term Finish Storage Test Results

Measuring Tools for Woodturners

Micro Turning Tools: Elegant Tools for Fine Detail

New Products from Tormek

Pen Mandrels: Maintaining Accuracy

Preventative Maintenance On Woodturning Equipment

Preventing Paste Wax Creep

Processing Green Wood Logs

Random Orbit Sanders

Reducing Vibration When Using Scrapers

75 Woodturning Tips and Tricks

Sharpening Jig Tips

Storing Anchorseal Green Wood Log Sealer - Long Term Test Results

Stihl Chainsaws: Repairing the 026 and 066 Models

Super Glue: Tips and Tricks

Surface Preparation

The Kelton Center Saver System:
Getting More Value from Your Bowl Blanks

The Magic of Microcrystalline Wax

The Versatile Irish Grind

Tips for Preventing Splits in Pen Barrels

Tips for Working With Deer Antler

Using a Woodburner to Thermally Transfer

Photocopied Images Onto Wood

Using Buffing Wheels with Oil and Wax Finishes

Using Oil Finishes on Light Colored Woods

Using Profile Scrapers

Using the McNaughton Center Saver On A Mini-Lathe

Using The Sanding Solution to Sand Inside Hollow Forms

Using Wood Dyes for Decorative Embellishment

Wood Stabilization Techniques for Woodturners

Woodturning Ergonomics Save Your Body!

Woodturning Tool Handles

Metric to Fractional To Decimal-Inch Conversion for Drill Bits

Tool Reviews Library

Tool Reviews Library

Kel McNaughton's Carvers Jig Sets A New Standard

Lathe Review - First Impressions of a Oneway 2346

Tool Review - Lyle Jamieson Hollowing Tool System

Woodturning Glossary

Multimedia Woodturning Glossary for Woodturners (A - I)

Multimedia Woodturning Glossary for Woodturners (J - P)

Multimedia Woodturning Glossary for Woodturners (Q - Z)

Woodturning Educational Products - DVD Videos and e-Books

Video Previews

Turning Elegant Writing Pens - DVD Video

Bowl Turning: Step by Step - Double Disk DVD Video

Turning Elegant Bottle Stoppers - Double Disk DVD Video

Volume I - CD-ROM Electronic Book

Volume II - CD-ROM Electronic Book

Volume I and II ebook Combo Pack

Volume II ebook and Turning Elegant Writing Pens DVD Video

Volume I and II ebooks plus Turning Elegant Writing Pens DVD Video

Volume I and II ebooks plus Turning Elegant Writing Pens and Bowl Turning: Step by Step DVD Videos

Volume I and II ebooks plus Turning Elegant Writing Pens, Bowl Turning: Step by Step, and Turning Elegant Bottle Stoppers DVD Videos

Turning Elegant Writing Pens, Bowl Turning: Step by Step, and Turning Elegant Bottle Stoppers DVD Videos

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Safety Note: Always follow all manufacturers safety instructions before working with your lathe, or any of the tools or products you may use. If you are unsure about any operation, obtain competent professional instruction before proceeding. Use and wear all necessary safety devices during turning and observe safe woodturning practices to prevent accident or injury.

Steven D. Russell is a professional studio woodturner, teacher and writer. He has written numerous articles for international woodturning magazines, which have been published in more than 78 countries around the world. Steve has demonstrated in numerous cities across the United States. His studio, Eurowood Werks, specializes in bowls, platters and hollow forms with unique visual and tactile treatments.

Steve is also the current and founding President of the Lone Star Woodturners Association, Inc., an AAW member chapter. The LSWA is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization dedicated to teaching and demonstrating the art and craft of woodturning.

Steve is also a featured writer for the Guild of Master Craftsman's "Woodturning" magazine, published in London England. Woodturning magazine is the world's leading magazine for woodturners. Look for his articles covering technical topics, or project based articles in an upcoming issue.