eBook Selections from the
Woodturning with Steven D. Russell
Educational Series

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Volume I - CD-ROM Electronic Book
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In Volume I of our internationally popular educational series, various woodturning related subjects are discussed. Oil and wax finishes are thoroughly tested and the proper use of wax emulsions and boiling to reduce drying defects are covered. Turning projects include writing pens, inlay items, letter openers, magnifiers and more. Safety and turning techniques are also covered. Volume I articles include over 93,000 words and 500 pictures.


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Volume II - CD-ROM Electronic Book
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This electronic book covers woodturning techniques on a broad range of subjects. Topics include how to find free wood, drying green wood, processing logs and perfecting various finishes. Sharpening your turning tools, shear scraping, resharpening bandsaw blades and boiling to reduce drying degrade (part two) are included. Volume II articles include more than 60,000 words and 450 pictures. Read an independent review of this electronic book.


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