About Steve Russell
and Eurowood Werks
Woodturning Studio

We thought you might be interested to learn a little more about Steve. He opened Eurowood Werks Studio more than 16 years ago. Several years later, he established a web presence with WoodturningVideosPlus.com, which allows woodturners to purchase his e-Books and DVD instructional videos direct. His professional woodturning studio specializes in the production of bowls, platters and hollow forms.

The majority of Steve's current artistic work centers on the exploration of early Egyptian forms and negative space, the so called space between spaces. Particular attention is paid to the visual and tactile details in his pieces, striving for a graceful harmonious balance in the finished form. Many of his major pieces are commissioned from private collectors.

Extensive use of bowl centre saver systems allows several bowls to be “saved” from a single bowl blank. This is in keeping with his overall goal of conservation and respect for the timbers used. He regularly features local storm damage and salvaged woods in both his functional and artistic works and has won numerous awards for his work.

Steve is a prolific writer on various woodturning subjects and has had articles published in more than 78 countries around the world. Over the last thirteen years, Steve has published more than 150 articles on various aspects of woodturning, which have appeared in local, national, and international publications and on the Internet.

He is also a regular featured writer for the Guild of Master Craftsman’s "Woodturning" magazine, published in London, England. Feature articles about Steve have appeared in both local and international publications.

He is the author of the internationally popular
“Woodturning with Steven D. Russell”, a CD-ROM and DVD educational series for woodturners. Currently, this series includes two electronic books on woodturning and three DVD videos. Additional books and videos on woodturning related subjects will be available in the near future.

Steve has demonstrated woodturning techniques frequently around the U.S. for various companies and he also demonstrated as a master woodturner for five years at “The Woodworking Shows.” He has also demonstrated for several chapters of the American Association of Woodturners. As a highly sought after woodturning demonstrator, he has performed more than 1,778 woodturing demonstrations throughout the United States. Steve offers private instruction at his studio in The Woodlands, Texas.

Steve has participated in various local and national art shows and his work has been featured at selected galleries throughout the country. In addition to woodturning, Steve is actively involved in product, tool and machinery testing for numerous manufacturers around the world.

He is also the current and founding President of the Lone Star Woodturners Association, Inc. (LSWA). The LSWA is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational association and a member chapter of the American Association of Woodturners - AAW. In addition, he is the 2014 President of the Mercedes-Benz Club America - Houston Section.

For additional information about Steve's educational series, refer to the DVD videos page and the ebooks page.

For more information about Steve's private instruction classes, please email him using this link: Email Woodturning Videos Plus

Artist's Statement

Woodturning for me is the perfect marriage of art and the fluid design process. Each piece is unique and reveals its own character while turning. The creative transformation of timber in the rough state to finished forms is unpredictable and full of new discoveries. I am fascinated by nuances of color, grain texture and the effect of light on the piece. The iridescent wave of a curl, the magnificent feather in a crotch and the breathtaking elegance of a burl are irresistible to me.

These fuel my intense desire to create pieces with proper respect for the timber and a graceful harmonious balance in the finished form. Burls are of particular interest to me, as I feel they represent the highest expression of natural beauty in wood. They are sensual, provocative and captivating and offer a window into the heart and soul of the timber.

Steven D. Russell is a professional studio woodturner, teacher and writer. He has written numerous articles for international woodturning magazines, which have been published in more than 78 countries around the world. Steve has demonstrated in numerous cities across the United States. His studio, Eurowood Werks, specializes in bowls, platters and hollow forms with unique visual and tactile treatments.

Wturning Mag

Steve has also been a featured writer for the Guild of Master Craftsman's "Woodturning" magazine, published in London England. Woodturning magazine is the world's leading magazine for woodturners. Look for his articles covering technical topics, or project based articles in a future issue.