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August 2008: Inside This Issue

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Welcome to all of our new U.S. and International subscribers and thank you for joining us! This is the twenty first edition of Lathe Talk, a free monthly newsletter (e-zine) for subscribers of Steve Russell’s "Woodturning Videos Plus" woodturning website. This newsletter will be delivered on or about the fifteenth of each month to the email address you indicated on your sign-up form. All back issues of this newsletter are available to subscribers here.

Lathe Talk will offer tips and tricks to make your woodturning easier and more productive. I’ll also show you ways to save money in your studio, so you can stretch your hard earned money. In addition, we will periodically offer subscribers only specials on our videos and e-books. If you like this e-zine, please do a friend and me a favor by forwarding it to them. If a friend DID forward this to you and you like what you read, please subscribe by visiting our subscription page.

Woodturning Videos Plus August Update

We've Reached A Milestone: I'm proud to report that we now have more than 50 free original articles available in our woodturning educational libraries. We will have lots of new features that will be coming online in the next few months, so check in every so often for the latest updates. To expand our free educational libraries even further we're adding two new libraries, a Tool Reviews Library and a Woodturning Multimedia Glossary Library. We are also going to expand our free Video Tips Library, with additional video segments on different aspects related to woodturning.

New Distribution Date For Lathe Talk: Starting with the next issue (September '08), Lathe Talk will be emailed to all subscribers on or about the 15th of each month. This move will allow me to schedule numerous production deadlines in my studio throughout the month, instead of having all of them coming due at or near the first of each month. Thanks!

New "Tool Reviews" Library: We're adding a brand new feature library "Tool Reviews" to our website that will feature in-depth reviews and "First Looks" from a professional woodturners perspective on machinery, tools, products, finishes and equipment that are important to woodturners. Glitzy sales brochures and snazzy flash videos on manufacturer websites might look nice, but what happens when your new tool or product arrives on your doorstep? Does it really work as advertised? We hope this library will become a valuable resource for you when researching new woodturning tool and product purchases.

New Multimedia Glossary Library Coming Soon: Another new feature library that is under construction is our new "Woodturners Multimedia Glossary." This glossary will feature words and phrases with definitions, as well as photos, drawings and video clips to help clarify the meaning of the words. In addition, I plan to incorporate regional and country specific phrases where possible, as well as slang words to further illuminate specific entries.

My goal is to build the best multimedia glossary on the Internet for woodturners. This will be no small task getting all of the pages coded, as well as shooting the photos and videos. Since this is such a large project, uploading will be performed in several stages. The first section of the glossary will be online in the next few weeks, followed by additional sections and multimedia segments over the next few months.

We will be adding new words in the future once the initial glossary is available, as well as new features to make it easier to use and access. My ultimate goal is to have a 1,000-word glossary available within two years. If you have any suggestions for words that you would like to see added to the glossary, please email me at

Link To Our Free Educational Libraries: If you belong to a woodturning club or association, please consider asking your Webmaster to add a link to our website's free educational libraries. There are currently 26 articles in the Main Library and 27 articles in the Tips Library, covering beginner to advanced topics.

Please help us to share this valuable learning resource with other turners in your woodturning clubs, associations, or on your own woodturning website links page.

The direct link to our educational library is shown below:

Our woodturning tips library is located here:

Thanks in advance for your support of our educational efforts.

Woodturning Videos Plus Blog: For our new subscribers, we have a free Blog/RSS feed on our website. You can keep up with any changes made to the website including new product releases, new additions or updates to the education library, e-zine mail out dates, special news and much more. It's easy to subscribe to our blog. For additional information on what a Blog is and how it operates, check out What is RSS?

August Special – For Lathe Talk Subscribers Only

Additional $10.00 Discount off Our Volume I and II e-Book and DVD Video Super Combo. From now until the end of August 2008, you can save and additional $10.00 off the current sale price of $50.00 on any Volume #1 and 2 e-Book and DVD Video Super Combo set ordered from our website. With this special sale, your price will be $40.00 (plus taxes if you live in Texas) plus postage. The regular price of this combo is $70.00.

This Super Combo Pack is one of our most popular packages. It includes the complete Volume I and Volume II e-Books, plus the Volume II pen turning DVD video. With this package, you get one 70 minute DVD video and two electronic books. You can view the books on your computer monitor or print individual pages, chapters or both books with your computer printer.

In the Volume I e-Book, oil and wax finishes are thoroughly tested and the proper use of wax emulsions and boiling to reduce drying defects (part one) are covered. Turning projects include writing pens, inlay items, letter openers, magnifiers and more. Safety and turning techniques are also included. Volume I articles include over 93,000 words and 500 pictures.

In the Volume II e-Book, topics include how to find free wood, drying green wood, processing logs and perfecting various finishes. Sharpening your turning tools, shear scraping, resharpening bandsaw blades and boiling to reduce drying degrade (part two) is covered. Volume II articles include more than 60,000 words and 450 pictures.

In the Volume II DVD Video, I demonstrate all the steps necessary to turn an elegant writing pen. Steps include blank selection and preparation, gluing, drilling, milling, mounting, roughing, finish turning, sanding, multi-step finishing options, assembly and more. More information on this e-Book and DVD Super Combo pack can be found here.

To access this special offer, enter the coupon code 2344 on the shopping cart page in the coupon box area. Click the "recalculate" button and your discount will show on the screen. Offer ends August 31, 2008 at 12:01 midnight, CST. Additional subscriber only discounts and specials will be offered in future editions of Lathe Talk.

Turning Tip Of The Month – Using Profile Scrapers

Learn how profile scrapers can benefit you when working on faceplate projects. Includes sharpening tips for better performance. To view the full article, click the link below.

Using Profile Scrapers

Hot Tip Of The Month – Improving Jumbo Jaws

Learn about a modification you can make to jumbo jaws to increase their efficiency and speed the reverse chucking of bowls for finishing off the foot. To view the full article, click the link below.

Improving Jumbo Jaws

Closing Thoughts and Thanks

We Are Shattering Subscriber Records Every Month! Thanks to all of our new and existing subscribers for our continued record setting subscription pace! Our subscriber base continues to more than double every six months!

We're proud of the fact that Lathe Talk is now being distributed to thousands and thousands of professional and hobby woodturners all over the world. If you have any suggestions or topics for Lathe Talk, or any other comments, please let me know.

Help Us Spread The Word: Please let your woodturning friends know about my Lathe Talk newsletter and encourage them to subscribe. Working together, we can make Lathe Talk a valuable educational resource for woodturners around the world. Take care and let me know if I can help you with any of your woodturning questions, or challenges.


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