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April 2007: Inside This Issue

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A hearty welcome to all of our new U.S. and International subscribers! This is the fifth edition of Lathe Talk, a free monthly newsletter (e-zine) for subscribers of Steve Russell’s “Woodturning Videos Plus” woodturning website. This newsletter will be delivered on or about the first of each month to the email address you indicated on your sign-up form. Back issues of this newsletter are available here to subscribers.

Lathe Talk will offer tips and tricks to make your woodturning easier and more productive. I’ll also show you ways to save money in your studio, so you can stretch your hard earned money. In addition, we will periodically offer subscribers only specials on our videos and e-books. If you like this e-zine, please do a friend and me a favor by forwarding it to them. If a friend DID forward this to you and you like what you read, please subscribe by visiting our subscription page.

Woodturning Videos Plus Website Update

We have added a new article to our education library. If you haven't stopped in lately, here is the latest addition with a hot link to the article for your convenience:

Turning Inlaid Letter Openers and Magnifiers - Two of the more successful items in my studio’s Premier Gifts line are letter openers and magnifiers. These projects are turned between centers, on a mandrel similar to turning a writing pen. This article includes step-by-step instructions on turning both traditional and inlaid letter opener and magnifier handles.

We have more articles that we will be adding to the library over the next several months. Drop into the educational library from time to time to see the latest additions.

Woodturning Videos Plus Blog: For our new subscribers, we have a free Blog/RSS feed on our website. You can keep up with any changes made to the website including new product releases, new additions or updates to the education library, e-zine mail out dates, special news and much more. It's easy to subscribe to our blog. For additional information on what a Blog is and how it operates, check out What is RSS?

April Website Special – For Lathe Talk Subscribers Only

$10.00 discount off my Volume #1/2 Super Combo the month of April 2007, you can save an additional $10.00 off the current sale price of $50.00 on any Volume #1/2 Super Combo DVD/e-Book order. With your special discount, a copy of my Super Combo will only cost $40.00, plus postage (and taxes only if you live in Texas). That's a savings of $10.00 off the current sale price of $50.00 (Regular Price $70.00). You can preview the pen turning video on our Video Preview page.

This Super Combo Pack is one of our most popular packages. It includes the complete Volume I and Volume II ebooks plus the Volume II pen turning DVD video. With this package, you get one 70 minute DVD video and two electronic books. You can view the books on your computer monitor, or print individual pages or chapters with your computer printer.

To access this special offer, enter the coupon code 1355 on the shopping cart page in the coupon box area. Click the "recalculate" button and your discount will show on the screen. Offer ends April 30, 2007 at 12:01 midnight, CST. Additional subscriber only discounts and specials will be offered in future editions of Lathe Talk.

Questions and Answers

This is of Lathe Talk will feature questions from subscribers about woodturning in general, the website, my studio, research and development testing in my studio and more. If you have questions, please email me. Question: Steve, I saw one of your bowl turning demos last year where you used a bowl gouge with an "Irish" grind. I would like to regrind my current bowl gouge with an Irish profile. My front bevel angle will be 45 degrees, but I'm not sure how far to draw the wings back on the sides. Do you have any suggestions for a new bowl turner regarding the wing length? Thanks, K. C. – Alberta, Canada

Answer: Hello K.C., I use several variations of the Irish grind on my bowl gouges, depending on my specific needs and the types of bowls I will be turning. A good wing length for a new bowl turner (and one new to using the Irish grind) is 1.0" to 1.25" in length. This is long enough to take some heavy cuts, while still being useful for shear scraping.

The length I mention is calculated by measuring from the bottom center of the flute at the tip, up to the farthest area ground on the side wing. You will find the Irish ground bowl gouge is a very versatile grind and is less prone to catches, than a standard flat ground bowl gouge. Good luck and best wishes in all of your woodturning endeavors!

Note: Additional information on bowl turning can be found in my Volume #3 DVD Video, "Bowl Turning, Step-By-Step", which shows the Irish ground bowl gouge in action.

Hot Tip of the Month - Simple Wood Stabilization Techniques

Learn simple wood stabilization techniques using lacquer, CA and wood hardeners for spalted and soft woods. To view the full article, click the link below.

Wood Stabilization Techniques for Woodturners

Turning Tip Of The Month – Preventative Maintenance On Equipment

Learn the basics of preventative maintenance for your woodturning tools and equipment. Includes lathe, dust collector, bandsaw, drill press and others. To view the full article, click the link below.

Preventative Maintenance On Woodturning Equipment

Closing Thoughts

Thanks to you our subscribers, our subscriber base is increasing by leaps and bounds every month. If you have any suggestions or topics for Lathe Talk, or any other comments, please let me know.

Also, please let your woodturning friends know about my newsletter and encourage them to subscribe. Working together, we can make Lathe Talk a valuable educational resource for woodturners around the world. Take care and let me know if I can help you with your woodturning.


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